About Us

Jones Real Estate’s involvement within the property industry dates back to their first acquisition in 1985, within an area that is now known as the Royal Borough of Greenwich. Since then the directors have continued to grow their presence within the borough and throughout London, with a focus on acquiring residential and commercial properties in locations with strong prospects for long-term growth. Through over 30 years of experience investing in the London property market, the company’s directors have built a wide network and deep understanding of the industry.  This is further underpinned by the efficient team and processes the company has established, therefore positioning Jones Real Estate to continue growing its reputation for acquiring properties with integrity and certainty.


Jones Real Estate (JRE) prides itself on being built upon and continuing to live by four key values, which define their STAR approach to doing business.


Having identified speed as one of the most valued capabilities within the Real Estate industry, JRE strive to be second to none when it comes to having their finance and legals in place prior to offering.


Ensuring that JRE builds and leaves a lasting impression of trust through every transaction is key to the longevity of the business. Therefore, upholding the company’s integrity with all stakeholders is paramount.


JRE has a robust in-house process of carrying out due-diligence, which provides an accurate understanding of what the company believes a property is worth. As a result of this, it is extremely rare that further negotiations are initiated once a price has been agreed.


By investing their funds responsibly, JRE avoids the need to overleverage their assets and maintain a strong position of financial stability that can withstand industry cycles.